6 Maltese Halloween Costume Ideas For This Weekend

Because we can't (and shouldn't) all be Harley Quinn this year

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As the years go by, more and more people are getting into the spirit of Halloween in Malta. If it only had a bit more of a local flair to it, we're willing to bet even more people would willingly join in.

Keeping in consideration that many countries around the world (especially USA) treat Halloween as a second Carnival of sorts, here are six ideas for Malta-inspired costumes to help you celebrate this weekend in style.

1. Commissioner Wererabbit

Get it? 

This could be executed in multiple forms, from actually carrying around a rabbit in a police vest, to getting a furry onesie yourself.

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Alternatively, if you want to look super scary and give off that melting-face-zombie kind of look, just go for an accurate representation of Police Commissioner Laurence Cutajar.

A good substitute to wearing a police uniform yourself can be an Inter football shirt.

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2. The Camille Clan

Malta's very own Kardashians deserve their own place in the Maltese costume hall of flame. Here's how this group costume would look:


Look hot, dress smart, don't shave your neck and glue a phone to your ear. Alternative option: go barefoot and stay asking people for your brown shoes. 


Just write Balenciaga and / or Gucci on a plain white top, invest in a chic bob wig and just point and laugh at other people's costumes.


Dress up in a football kit and run around with a shaver sans batteries.

To complete the look, get two of your friends to dress up as the dogs. If one of your friends is feeling lazy, get them dress up all in black and keep telling people they're behind the infamous #DogBlog.

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3. The Potato Scarecrow

An immortal classic, this one was just staring right at us. 

Combine an infamous image of horror with a modern cult classic, and violà - I have Halloween blood in my veins.

Potato Man

4. The Walking Benna Carton

By far one of the biggest controversies of 2017, Benna probably wasn't expecting the nationwide backlash which followed the release of their new milk cartons.

This one's as good of an individual costume as it is a group effort, especially with all the newest flavour packagings. There are even two different sizes, in case you want to throw a not-so-subtle jab at the shortest person in you group.

Screen Shot 2017 10 23 At 14 41 29

5. Michelle Phelps

Dressing up as the channel-crossing First Lady herself is as simple a costume idea as it is effective.

Bonus Costume Idea: If you wanted a group costume idea, consider having 3-4 friends dress up as jellyfish and constantly follow you. 

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6. The Wonder Formerly Known as the Azure Window

The perfect costume idea for a big group. 

You might look weird if you're singled out in a crowd and people think you're dressed up as a big chunk of rock, but gather round with your mates and show off the glorious (and saddening) photo of the former Azure Window heavily inspired by a Tetris costume.

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Tag someone who still needs a Halloween costume idea!

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