Maltese Local Council Flags Make A Fabulous Appearance At New York Fashion Week


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Malta's Local Council flags are ridiculously unique, so it would make sense for people to want to decorate with them. However, popular Maltese design house Charles & Ron just went an extra mile with their love for the local coats of arms... putting them on their latest must-have items at the New York Fashion Week.

This year's edition of the biannual event started last Thursday and will be concluding this Wednesday 13th September. Malta's very own C&R took the stage last night at the Angel Orensanz Foundation (the old church where Sarah Jessica Parker had gotten married), showcasing their newest line for Spring / Summer 2018. Fans of the Maltese fashion house will be familiar with the signature colours and designs of the dresses, kimonos and accessories, but as far as the prints go, this is one of the fashion duo's biggest nods to the islands yet. 

As Ron himself described it, "the starting point of this collection began with a set of Charles' childhood photographs and memories of Maltese summer days by the beach. Turquoise seas, pink ice cream, striped umbrellas and vintage picnic coolers."

Here are some of the coolest (and most patriotic) looks from Charles & Ron's runway.

1. One kimono to bring all the Local Councils together (and matching knee-high boots!)

2. One-shoulder dress vibes (still rocking those boots)

3. Shopping and representin', hitting two birds with one stylish stone

One of them is even specifically dedicated to Gozo!

4. Malta-inspired accessories for days (and a new pair of denim boots)

5. In case you really love Attard...

6. Of course, it wouldn't be a C&R runway without a couple of show-stoppers

7. Iklin's coat of arms taking centre stage on this denim number

8. If Local Council flags won't do it for you, how about some postcards from Malta instead?

Charles & Ron presented other non-Local-Council-inspired outfits on Sunday night, but it was the presence of the familiar coat of arms which caught the eyes of both local and foreign eyes alike. 

"To look to the future you need to know where you're coming from," the designer explained. "C&R therefore included the coat of arms of several Maltese towns into this season's graphic print designs. The Charles & Ron coat of arms also makes its debut in this collection."

All photos by Arun Nevader / Getty Images

Over the weekend, some celebrities were even spotted around New York City repping Charles & Ron items, including singer Symon and fashion blogger Denisa Palsha. The show itself even saw popular model Daniela Aciu take part, and top fashion influencers Alina Ceusan and Carmen Grebinensan took over Elle Romania's Instagram account before and during the C&R show.

In case you'd love to experience Charles & Ron's latest collection first-hand, Malta will soon enough be experiencing all these new outfits in style. The duo's Fall / Winter 17/18 show will be coming back to the picturesque St. Helen Square in Birkirkara on the 30th of September. Save the date!

Tag a friend who'd love to wear their Local Council's coat of arms!

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