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Now That You’re Done With Squid Game, Here Are 9 TV Series And Movies To Get Hooked On

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From its initial release on Netflix in late September, the Korean drama series Squid Game captivated audiences worldwide and topped the Netflix charts in 90 countries and became the streaming services’ biggest ever series launch.

Spoiler alert! The show isn’t about Squids. The series follows Seong Gi-Hun, who decides to participate in a deadly secret survival, with a whopping 45.6 billion won prize on the line.

To win, contestants risk their lives passing through a series of fatal games that put a bloody twist on the simple games we played as children.

Now that you finished watching the Squid Game, you must be wondering what to do with your life? Curious as to what to watch next?

Well, fear and worry no more because we’ve got you well armed!

Below is a list in no particular order of all the shows that will have you inked up with curiosity.

1. Alice in Borderland (2020)

Although it’s quite similar to the Squid Game, Alice in Borderland revolves around a gamer and his friends. They together find themselves in an alternative reality in Tokyo, where they’re being forced into participating in a brutal game to survive. The title of the show takes inspiration and is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.

2. Battle Royale (2000)

This movie definitely delivers for Squid Game fans. The famed thriller is set in the near future when the Japanese government kidnaps a group of students and compels them to kill each other in accordance with a contentious new law. The game involves surviving at all costs.

3. Hunger Games (2012)

Based on the American book series of the same name, the setting takes place in a dystopian future, where there are tributes from twelve different districts chosen randomly from the government of Panem. Said tributes are then put into a playground where they must fight one another to the death to win.

4. The Purge (Tv series) (2018)

If you’ve watched the film with the same name, then you’ll definitely enjoy the series. It’s the definition of what would happen if nothing was illegal for a night (or various other amounts of time, like forever), and the result is pure insanity.

5. Black Mirror (2011)

Black Mirror is definitely a suggestion for you if you enjoyed Squid Game. The series essentially foresees the future in today’s world. Episodes follow creepy video games, mess up singing competitions, out-of-hand social media rating platforms, and more.

Honestly, after you watch Black Mirror you’ll feel as though the squid game could be a part of the black mirror universe due to its convoluted twists and underlying social meaning.

6. As the Gods Will (2014)

As the Gods Will is a Supernatural Horror film that is based on a manga series of the same name. The film follows a student called Shun Takahata, who cries to the Gods about how bored he is during school hours. Which then results in a deadly series of lively children’s games.

7. The Hunt (2020)

Set around 12 complete strangers that wake up in an unfamiliar setting and are forced to compete to survive, The Hunt is an enjoyable American action-filled movie.

8. 3%

Adults should not have all of the pleasure in striving for success. The Brazilian young adult series 3% takes place during the rule of a totalitarian regime in which 20-year-olds have one opportunity to escape poverty and live among the affluent and joyful on an island paradise.

However, in order to do so, they must be accepted while going through “the Process,” a set of examinations meant to assess the candidate’s worth. The exams range from a basic interview to analyzing fictitious crime scenes to interpreting gas hallucinations.

9. Sweet home

If you’re in need of a much darker and crazier version now that you finished Squid Game then, Sweet Home is good for you. Sweet Home follows a fantasy horror about a group of people locked inside an apartment complex while the world turns into monsters.

Such monsters reflect their inner demons which in turn surrounds all around them. Although there might be no VIPs pulling the strings of the games, it still involves good interpersonal drama along with an insane amount of action filled with intense monster fights.

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