Can You Guess What Maltese People Love Most About Their Bodies?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

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Lovin Malta's Body Image Survey revealed a lot about what Maltese people would change about their bodies. But it also gave us a glimpse into what the nation is most happy with in the looks department. 

Here's a countdown of the physical attributes Maltese people are quite satisfied with.

8. Legs

A lot of Maltese people are unsatisfied wit their legs – 28% of respondents admitted they "dislike" them, whilst 8% said they "hate" them. With only 14% saying they "love" their legs... seems like we won't be walking away from this body image problem any time soon. 

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7. Teeth

Although 14% of our respondents said they "love" their teeth, a sizeable 24% said they "hate" them. To balance these polarised views out, 44% said they simply "like" them. Okay, that gives us more to smile about. 

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6. Penises

Maltese guys seem quite chuffed at their own appendage. A healthy 9% of respondents said that they "love" their penis, and 12% said they "like" it, whilst only 1% said they "hate" their member. Here's hoping it eventually, err, grows on them. 

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5. Vaginas

Although the majority of respondents didn't really seem fussed about their sacred parts, 11% did say that they "love" their vagina, 19% "like" it, and again only 1% admitted they "hate" their private part. We're sure a bit of ego-stroking (or just plain stroking) will go a long way in changing that.

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4. Breasts

Maltese mammaries scored high with just over 50% of respondents saying they either "love" or "like" their breasts. Almost a 'breast' in show right there...

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3. Noses

Most people just didn't seem to care about their nose. The ones that did, however, were positive about it. Only around a quarter of respondents were unhappy with their nose. Nothing to sniff at if you ask us. 

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2. Height

The second most satisfactory physical trait, according to our respondents, was height. Despite all the Mediterranean stereotyping, Maltese people are pretty damn pleased with how tall they are. That's right, you can stop looking down on us now, haters. 

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1. Hair

And the number one physical attribute that Maltese people are most pleased with is: their hair. Over 75% of our respondents either "love" or "like" their hair. I guess it's about time we did a nation-wide toss over our shoulder then. #workit

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What's your favourite physical attribute? Tell us in the comments section!

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