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From Six Eggs A Day To Plant-Based: Maltese GOT Actor Andrei Claude Shares Impressive Vegan Fitness Journey

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Andrei Claude has portrayed villainous characters on some of the biggest TV shows of the modern era, but behind the mean-mugging and menacing barbarian looks is a Maltese actor who has sworn to a strict vegan lifestyle.

“I never actually made a decision to switch to a vegan or even a vegetarian lifestyle,” Claude told Lovin Malta. 

“I just began feeling an urge to gradually eliminate certain foods from my previous diet. So in a matter of weeks, I found myself eating only vegan food.”


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Claude took to Instagram to open up about his vegan ways, explaining how he went from eating six eggs, 600 grams of chicken and 300g grams of red meat a day to becoming 100% vegan. 

“My muscle mass, strength, endurance and overall energy has kept improving, and so far there is no sign of slowing down,” he said.

The Maltese actor made the vegan transition two years ago, and continues to notice several health benefits ever since.

“My endurance in the gym has certainly increased, as well as my strength to weight ratio,” he said. “In terms of my physique, it is hard to tell if there has been any difference, and this is only because I have kept my body fat at an average of six percent for over 20 years.”

While adhering to a strict vegan has certainly helped Claude stay in shape, the actor also has the discipline of a samurai and has never taken time away from the gym. 

As such, he’s been able to add and maintain his muscle mass throughout decades of training and has become an expert in the field of health and nutrition.


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“When I turned vegan I experienced quite a sudden decrease in volume, which was not necessarily muscle mass, however, this was only until I established an ideal nutrition plan for myself, where the daily caloric intake was just above my basal metabolic rate and the macronutrients were in the right proportions,” he said. 

The Maltese actor has featured on a number of hit TV shows over the years, including playing the part of Ganbaatar on Vikings and Khal Rhalko on Game of Thrones.

He usually splits his time between Malta and London in pursuit of his acting career.


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And throughout his journeys back and forth, on and off set, one has to wonder how Claude maintains a chiseled physique while abstaining from protein-heavy animal products, but the answer to that is quite simple…

“I get most of my protein from chickpeas, soya beans or edamame, and nuts. I also began supplementing with pea protein powder,” Claude said.

But is transitioning to a vegan lifestyle better for you? 

“There is often a debate as to what might be more harmful to the human body, whether it is the pesticides used on crops or the antibiotics and hormones administered in livestock.”

“I can only speak from my personal experience, and I feel healthier and much better overall since becoming vegan. I do feel that digesting plant-based foods is easier on the stomach, although I don’t necessarily believe that it is better for building muscle, since protein is more abundant in meat and dairy,” Claude said.

With the explorations of the animal industry stepping into the limelight over the years via documentaries, literature and social media, one might consider making the switch to the vegan lifestyle, but not know where to start.

Thankfully, we have the sage advice of a seasoned vegan practitioner…

“I would say start introducing vegan meals slowly, so that the transition is as seamless as possible. I also recommend gathering quite a few different recipes, so that you have more options and you don’t feel restricted as to what you can,” Claude ended.

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