Research Finds Drinking Wine Before Bed Helps You Lose Weight

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New research by Washington State University and Harvard has found that a chemical found in wine could help stop weight gain. 

Resveratrol works to stop fat cells in your body gaining more fat, and not in an ambiguous way that will only work if you follow 15 other complicated steps. The study has shown that drinking at least two glasses of wine, that's half a bottle, can help beat obesity by 70%.

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The research itself is also further backed by an earlier study carried out by Harvard, which found that out of 20,000 surveyed about weight gain, all of those who gained a large amount were non-drinkers. 

Correlation does not necessarily imply causation, but combining this study with the above research, as well a study by the University of Denmark finding drinkers had a slimmer waistline than their sober counterparts, then it's kinda hard to deny that wine really is your friend.

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