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Ira’s Still Got It! Rewatch That Amazing Duet From Last Night’s X Factor Malta Final

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Just in case anyone had forgotten, Ira Losco just reminded the entire country what she’s made of.

The X Factor Malta judge took to the stage yesterday to duet with finalist Owen Leuellen as he competed for the title of champion. The two covered Ira’s new single ‘Hey Now’, and gave it the classic ‘Leuellen twist’ by turning all the main verses into a killer rap.


But let’s be honest here, despite what Ben Camille said after the performance, Ira kind of stole the show. As amazing as Owen’s performance was, it was taken up a notch the second Ira stepped on stage. Her silky black hair moved in perfect time with her dress and the song as she walked across the stage like she didn’t have a care in the world. And the addition of Owen’s calm and collected swagger gave her that little extra bit of street cred she needed.

To be honest, this could definitely be a single we can gear being played on radio stations all over the island. It was catchy AF. And it was also a testament to how powerful a ‘Winner feat. Owen’ collab would be as a Eurovision entry.


Ira’s been quite busy with performances over the past year; from performing to a sold out arena, to taking the stage on New Year’s Eve. However, it’s been a while since we were last treated to a televised performance from her. And she didn’t disappoint.

Last night’s finale was full of spectacular performances, but if there’s one thing we can take away from it, it’s this: Ira’s still got it.

Ira And Owne 2

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