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It’s Not Just You: Malta Had One Of The Sunniest Winters Ever This Year

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The sun in shining and all of Malta is in preparation for another glorious summer. However, new information released by the Malta International Airport indicates Malta have just had one of the sunniest winters ever.

Even though it was winter, tons of tourists still visited Malta, citing weather as one of the top three reasons they visited the island.  

Over 90% of days in winter had a bit of sunshine in them

Generally mild winter weather was punctuated by some very strong winds, five thundery days, four hail occurrences, and 117mm of rainfall recorded within the span of 24 hours in February. 

There were a total of 497.9 hours of sunshine this season

Winter months enjoyed their fair share of sunshine, with five days being exceptionally bright and on which the sun shone for between 9.2 and 10 hours. On the other hand, the sun did not as much as peek out on six days out of a total of 90 winter days.

February was winter’s wettest month, while January was the season’s windiest

February was the season’s wettest month and the second wettest February on record since 1923.

The temperature peaked at 20.2˚C

The average temperature throughout winter was 13.5˚C, and Malta never went below 6˚C. The average sea temperature was also slightly higher than the norm. 

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