The Thirst Is Real As Maltese Winters Drop To Insanely Dry Levels

Maybe Gozo's Bishop should get on another walk

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Malta's MET office has posted some worrying statistics that show drastically lowered levels of rainfall over the past couple of years.

Since September Malta has seen just 249mm of rainfall which, while slightly higher than last year's amount, is evidently below the average of the past 20 years (320mm).

Malta's weak policies on saving runoff water and controlling the use of our natural groundwater reserves has also added a strain on our depleting water supply.

Biologist Alan Deidun has said things are not looking great for this season. Speaking to MaltaToday he explained rainfall is not expected to exceed 300mm. Although recent years have seen unusually heavy precipitation during the summer months, the rainfall between September and April is crucial for agriculture.

Two years ago, the situation got so desperate that farmers and other Gozitan residents teamed up with the Bishop of Gozo to go on a pilgrimage-style walk to pray for rain. Tens gathered and marched, and despite what naysayers may have nay-said, it rained (quite heavily) within the week.

So on behalf of our lovely archipelago, perhaps it's time to whip out those hiking boots once more?

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