6 Maltese Christmas Puns That'll Brighten Up Your Monday

And the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day...

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When it comes to puns, you either love them or you're lying. 

Sure, they may not always be the most intellectual of jokes, but there's something endearing about a joke so painful, it's actually hilarious. Here are a few Christmas themed puns, by our good friends over at Kelma Kelma.

1. If a nun-pun doesn't make you smile we don't know what will

Nun Laugh

2. And even though this one hits very close to home

Dad Giggle

3. You can't help but smile


4. And yes, some puns would make a dad cringe

Dad Giggle 2

5. But no one can deny they're adorably funny

Giggle 2

6. And others are just beyond words

Giggle 3

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