11 Better Ways To Say 'Thank You' In Maltese

Sometimes 'grazzi' isn't enough


Despite only being used by a handful of people (relative to the global population, of course), Maltese is an extremely diverse language with lots of different ways to express yourself. Still, we often find ourselves being lazy with our word choices, sticking to the simpler version or even worse, just bastardising the English word.

Well, in the case of 'thank you' at least, we have a solution thanks to our good friends at Kelma Kelma.

The list is as follows:

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1. Grazzi

A plain and simple thanks. It also sounds way better than “tenkju” or “tankjù”. Or even worse, “thank you int”.

2. Niżżik ħajr

Niżżik ħajr (together with inroddlok ħajr) are the bookish variants of grazzi. They have a literary ring to them. Basically, using them will make you sound like Dun Karm or some character out of Ipokriti.

3. Nirringrazzjak

A more formal version of grazzi. Think of it as the thank you to thanks. Add “minn qalbi” or “minn qiegħ qalbi” for more drama.

4. Nibqa' nafhulek

Roughly translated to 'I'll be sure to remember this'. The nice thing about this expression is that you're doing more than just thanking, you're remaining grateful.

5. Issa xi ngħidlek?

Did someone do something that's left you speechless? These words of praise should do the trick.

6. M'hawnx bħalek

When there's no one like the person you're thanking, this is the one for you. And it is typically followed by “xbin”, “sieħbi”, “kink”, “my friend” or the like.

7. M'hawnx prezzek

Same as the above, but more to do with them being priceless than simply unique. Adds a touch of poetry to the whole thing.

8. Ma kellekx xi tridu

This is sometimes used for politeness’ sake. Like when somebody gives you a gift and you say “ma kellekx xi tridu taaa”, but deep down you’re saying yes, yes, make it feel like Christmas all over again, meta trid ħi.

9. Il-Bambin bagħtek

Save this one for your all the people you feel are a Godsend, like a friend who passes for you after you suffer a puncture.

10. Għall-bżonnijiet tiegħek

An extra dollop of good karma that'll come back to the person for the wonderful thing they've done.

11. Għal ruħ min għandek mejjet

The same as the above karma, but directed towards deceased relatives, rather than just your day-to-day karma.

They vary in length, situation and intensity of thank, but really, do yourself a favour and try to work these into as many conversations as you can!

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