'Lesbian' Remains Porn's Most-Searched Term As Female Visitors Soar

'Rick and Morty' is an actual porn-search trend we saw in 2017

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Favourite adult-only website Pornhub has released the annual statistics on their dedicated  online fanbase. And as usual they're absolutely fascinating to read. 

From favourite search terms, to categories rapidly gaining ground, these info-graphics have all the fap-formation you need, and a whole lot more.

1. The most-searched term remains 'lesbian'

While hentai shot up (sorry) six sports to clinch second place, cheerleader climed 366 to make it to the top-20. Was their some cheerleader movie we missed?

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2. 'Rick and Morty' and 'fidget spinners' are two crazes that both made it to Pornhub

While Rick and Morty parody porn grew in popularity, so did the (apparently mostly-amateur) uploads of porn involving fidget spinners. Honestly, the less we know about the details, the better.

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3. Kim Kardashian remains one of the most-searched pornstars, despite not being an actual pornstar

The reality star turned business mogul first caught our attention with her original, NSFW reality video - and the rest is history.

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4. Globally, we gained 23 seconds of fap time

The global average duration on the website climbed a total of 23 seconds, bringing it up to 9 minutes 53 seconds.

5. The favourite porn-viewing time is Sunday at midnight

So at least you know you're not alone.

6. Malta's biggest search is probably for 'Maltese'

If our Mediterranean neighbours' statistics are anything to go by, then our top search is probably for people from our own country. That's nice; shop local.

7. Japanese porn ranks highest among gay viewers, but Koreans have rocketed to the top

The koreans have climbed 57 places to bump straights trying it for the first time off their second-place podium.

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8. 'Fidget spinner' was men's fault, but women's searches bumped up 'cheerleader'

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9. Globally, female viewers shot up

In almost every country (bar Russia, obvs) female visitors saw a serious increase. Globally, 26% of Pornhub's fans are female.

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If you're craving more porn-related data, be sure to check out Pornhub's 2017 insights.

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