17 Tell Tale Signs You're Staying Up Too Late Every Night

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?


You know the story - you hop into your nice, warm bed around 10pm ready to get your sleep on for an amazing nine hours. That seems like an awful lot, and you wouldn't want to be overtired. Maybe I'll put on Netflix... 

*5 hours later* 


1. Your alarm is met with a motivational message to get you on your way

To get you the fuck out of bed.



2. You're exhausted from the first second of being awake

And spend the day exhausted, and wonder what it feels like not to be exhausted.


3. You've done any, or all, of the following

Boiled the kettle and poured it into your cereal, left your keys in the fridge, put two different shoes on or cracked an egg into your coffee.


4. Hearing your alarm tone in public sends you into cardiac arrest

A fate worse than death.

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5. Breakfast seems arbitrary and unnecessary

Purely because you're far too tired to hold a spoon.

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6. Everything is hazy in a mildly terrifying way

Think a Valencia Instagram filter... over a horror still.

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7. Everything starts to look more and more like a comfy sleeping spot

Even your bus is starting to look more like a bed and less like a peasant wagon.

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8. You're wildly emotional and any little thing can set you off

Pro tip: Go to your favourite lunch spot early to avoid them running out of your favourite choice. You don't deserve that turmoil.


9. You start to wonder why on Earth people could take drugs when they could just take naps

Sleeping is greater than not sleeping... any day.

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10. You're confident your body is made up of 95% coffee

And 5% unhappiness.

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11. Everything is funny to the point of tears

Bad boss joke? Gas. Man tripping? Gas. Seagulls squawking? GAS. 


12. When you do eventually sleep and need to pee, you've honestly considered nappies

''I couldn't... Could I?''


13. Bags under your eyes are your current aesthetic

''No, that's not a smoky eye  that's my face''


14. You envy pets and their sleepy, satisfying lifestyle

Constantly either grazing, rolling over or sleeping, again. All in tiny, furry bodies.

Sign me up. 

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15. You count how many hours of sleep you're going to get if you go to sleep RIGHT NOW

And then silently weep.

Which keeps you up for another two hours.


16. Your brain wakes up the second you get under the covers

Ready to run a marathon, write that novel and drop the hottest mix of 2016 all in one.

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17. And finally, you make peace with your fate and are never surprised when you see the sun rise before you

You didn't choose the owl life, the owl life chose you.

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Are you nocturnal? Is there anything you think we have missed off the list? Let us know by leaving a comment on Facebook. 

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