19 Reasons To Fall In Love With Zebbug

It just gets better with age

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Żebbuġ is one of Malta's oldest towns and yet it still hasn't lost it's disarming beauty. As some cleverer millennials quickly realised – it has the perfect blend of Maltese village charm, partnered with enough amenities nearby to make it supremely liveable.

Here's all the reasons people are still mad about Żebbuġ.

1. The pretty passageways

2. The stunning church interior

3. The community feel

4. The vagrants

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5. The vignettes of Catholic life

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6. The quirky stores

7. The wistful architecture 

8. The wildlife

9. The bold colours

10. Great windows

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11. Doors are good too

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12. And courtyards

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13. The corners

14. And all the quiet spots

15. The resident stunt people

16. The roofscape

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17. The village feast

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18. The lights

19. Did we mention the lights?

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