17 Instagram Shots That Will Make You Want To Spend Your Day In Birgu

Time to head south people

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We spend a lot of time mourning winter because it keeps us away from our amazing beaches. But the curse of colder weather is not as cruel as we all make it out to be. Winter gives us all the more incentive to explore our islands' stunning towns and villages – and Birgu has to be up there with some of the most beautiful places you want to be on a winter day.

Here's a small sample of amazing Instagram shots that showcase all the things we love about Birgu.

1. Its dramatic entrance

2. The stunning marina

3. Loads of amazing doors

3. Romantic boat rides

4. The brooding characters

5. The picturesque alleyways

6. Breathtaking architecture

7. The bustling square

8. The bells

9. And the gorgeous locals

Don't forget to use #LovinMalta when you post your own stunning pictures of Birgu on Instagram!

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