7 More Business Ideas For Maltese Viral Video Victims

Now that Shower Time is an actual cafe

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1. Love The Disney Tours

Luckily, birds aren't the only thing we have that flies. And with one quick stopover to Paris, all your dreams can come true.

Love The Disney

2. Madonna Madonna No Skydiving 

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping and the curse words flying like the impending approach of the ground after jumping out of a plane.

3. My Live Is Potato English Language School

From close-captioning videos to screenwriting, My Live Is Potato makes sure your message really reaches the masses.


4. Ara Doris private investigators

Pros at spotting a lone figure from a huge crowd, Ara Doris knows when to spy on their targets, and when to call them out.

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5. Nofs tat-tifla baby food

Specializing in treats great for daddy and baby, this place can start by selling doughnuts in the appropriate portions (3.5 for adults and 0.5 for kids) and eventually branch out into a franchise.

6. Mummy's Going To Venice Gentlemen's Club

When the cat's away, the mice will play. Why wait till your parents go abroad to awkwardly bump one out on a bed that isn't yours?

7. Ewros Fuckers Bank

There's no one I trust with my money more than those Ewros Fuckers - because from Ewros Fuckers, you get Ewros Babies... now that's interest. 

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