7 Reasons Paceville Isn't As Bad As You Think It Is

Malta's clubbing village is changing by the weekend

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Oh, Paceville.

Malta's traditional clubbing village, and black sheep of the family, is undergoing some serious changes. Hotels are going up, clubs are going down, and more and more restaurants are opening up by the week.

Beyond the shocking headlines, the area has remained a tried and true part of Malta that is always reliably there for you - and here are seven reasons why you might need to recheck your respect for the little village.

1. Its the only place in Malta that's open 24/7

Want honey-glazed ribs at 4:30am? Need to stock up on washing detergent? Need to buy a hat?

Paceville is the only place on the island with eateries, grocers, and markets open all day and night - a literal lifesaver for many people who suddenly need something ASAP.

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Thank you for being there for us

2. And its location makes it a breeze to get to from pretty much everywhere

Sliema and St Julians are literally just down the road, people from the north of the island can breeze through on the Coast Road in minutes, and people from the south just need to get past Marsa before arriving at Malta's party village.

Here's hoping the Marsa flyover is done ASAP

3. It has some of the cheapest places to rent if you are looking for a quick weekender

There might be some questionable hotels and hostels up on offer, but at least you and 15 of your friends can literally just walk back to your rooms at 6am for like €25 a pop.

Pictured above: You and your friends walking to your rooms in winter

4. As well as some of the coolest places to rent

Between Villa Rosa and Hugo's jacuzzi-filled mirror-roofed hotel rooms, Paceville is definitely the place if you are looking to splurge on luxurious accommodation.


5. You are never too far away from the beach

Just in case you need to cool off.

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6. And it’s actually incredibly cosmopolitan

Where else will you find everything from Brazilian food and dance to Indian tikka houses and truffle haute-cuisine?

Pictured above: me approaching Paceville

7. And of course, we can’t forget the clubs

While the party village may be changing, places like Havana, Footloose, and Playground remain a classic go-to for many a Maltese reveller.

Plus, where else are you going to run into that old friend from secondary that you haven't seen in literally years?

Pictured above: You and your old friends two trays deep after randomly running into each other

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