9 Things That Happen In Every Women’s Bathroom In Malta

Every single time

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Bathrooms offer solace and relief to anyone who enters. There’s a lot of things happening in there, from bowel movements to actual emergency support communities. Yes, I’m talking about the girls’ bathrooms scattered all over the island. There’s few precious things on the island, and the sisterhood that forms in Maltese bathrooms is totally one of them.

Keep in mind that this article mostly revolves around club bathroom conversations and not public restrooms.

1. You need to understand the strange unspoken bond

It’s a strange thing to explain, but once you enter this sacred space, it’s like joining a secret society of sisterhood and amazing people you probably won’t meet ever again.

The amount of support in those harshly lit places is overwhelming. Love it.

2. The support is just too much

Everyone who enters this sacred space magically becomes transformed into the most supportive person ever. Bathrooms are where we go to cry, wash our hands, relieve ourselves and take beautiful bathroom selfies.

You'll get your outfit and hair fixed if it's needed and you'll also leave with an amazing mood. Cheers.

3. The confessions are endless

Seriously. The amounts of heart to heart chats that happen in that enclosed space are just too much. It’s an amazing place to get stuff off your chest, fix your bra and bitch about anyone you dislike.

Girls, you’re amazing, I love you.

4. You get asked for the strangest things

When hanging out in bathrooms you get asked for the strangest things from the nicest people. Tissues, sanitary towels, tampons and condoms are among the few. Oh, and selfies. Strangers will definitely ask for a mirror selfie at some point during the night.

You might even end up sharing the same lipstick or drink, the only rule in girls’ bathrooms is be nice.

5. Girls are the best at handing out compliments

Seriously. Girls, you have never met will talk to you just to say that they love your hair or your outfit. It’s amazing.

If you’re feeling like a dump, hang out at the girls’ toilet, your mood will improve to the better in a couple of minutes, we’re not joking. These people are the best.

6. Boy talk is not as common as you think

Men must’ve been wondering about how much we talk about them in the bathroom, and the answer is surprisingly very little.

We enjoy hanging out in there exchanging tips, confessions and compliments, but boy talk is generally kept to a minimal.

We do however occasionally dip into daddy issues, which leads us to the next point...

7. Parent issues become a major topic after 1am

After we all get a bit tipsy, the bathroom trips change into heavier heart-to-heart discussions. This is when it generally falls to daddy or mummy issues. Seriously.

There’s no place better to talk about this than next to a constantly busy bathroom sink. It sometimes involves illicit substances too, but whatever. Girl power.

8. Tattoos and makeup are among the top discussions

We don’t only congratulate each other over hair and outfits, but even body jewellery, make up and tattoos. Girls really have a way with cheering each other up and making everyone around them feel like a class A queen.

Seriously, thank you for being such ethereal creatures.

9. Everyone will check on you

If you’re a bit too drunk or slightly off, the girls will be like a personal army of therapists watching out for you with a cold water bottle at the ready in their hands.

It’s like an obligatory unspoken code; we look out for each other as soon as we enter this sacred space.

Did we miss out on any amazing bathroom talk? Leave us a comment below and tag someone who knows these points all too well!

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Chiara Micallef