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A Look Back At The Hottest Week In Malta This Year

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Whether you’re a big fan of summer or are currently counting down the days left until Christmas, we can all agree that this week in Malta was bloody hot. We’re talking flirting with 40℃ for half a week kind of hot. And even though we get excruciatingly hot spells on an annual basis, that didn’t stop people from complaining… or making hilarious memes of the whole thing (thankfully). 

Here’s a look back at the hottest week in Malta this year… for now.

1. First came the weather forecasts

National forecasts said it would feel like 38°C for three consecutive days, but by Thursday morning, it felt like that was a gross understatement.


2. Soon, people were testing just how hot it was

And let’s just say it wasn’t pretty

3. And some kept trying to find the hottest temperature

“45?! Jien ħdejja 46 kien!”

… and some people took it as the perfect opportunity for some cheeky advertising.

4. The memes quickly started rolling out

“Naħseb ħraqt kollox bro”

5. Other people wondered; is it ever not hot on this island?

6. Even everyday things like traffic jams became unbearable in the heat

Yes, that’s a bride and groom on a bus stop in Msida.

Screen Shot 2017 06 30 At 13 31 01

7. The inevitable power cut was definitely not welcomed

8. Quickly, everything became a painful ordeal


9. But at least the extra bright sun made for some stunning photos

Tag a friend who loves summer… and another friend who hates it!

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