POLL: Absolutely Magical Or Horribly Over The Top? People Can't Seem To Agree On Valletta's New Christmas Lights

'People get the Christmas decorations they deserve...'

Valletta Christmas Lights 2018

No Maltese Christmas decorations are as highly photographed - and passionately debated - than the ones adorning Valletta's main street, and this year's update has already proved to be a hot topic less than 24 hours after first being unveiled.

16 hours, 50,000 views and 860 shares later, a video uploaded by Government spokesman Etienne St. John of last night's official unveiling has already sparked dozens of heated online debates, and it seems like we're in for a couple of weeks of endless to and fros.

Last year, a dazzling gazebo of Christmas lights had shown up in front of Valletta's Law Courts, leading to a wide array of Instagram shots, from pet selfies to dome-holding illusions.

This year, however, the initial reaction to the Republic Street Christmas lights - a mix of lace-like light pillars and a more flowery version of last year's dome, all with a retro twist - has been a mixed one, with people either loving the addition or downright hating everything about it.

Many took to Instagram to be the first to snap what they said was an 'amazing' and 'colourful' addition to the streets of the 2018 Capital of Culture

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Others, however, had slightly different reactions, pointing out that the lights might look a bit too retro...

Valletta Christmas Lights Reactions
Valletta Christmas Lights Reactions 2

With 24 hours having not even elapsed since the unveiling of this year's Christmas lights, it seems like Malta's set to continue debating this for at least a couple of more weeks.

What do you think of this year's Christmas lights in Republic Street? Let us know in the comments below

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