Baħrija Is All The Proof You Need That Malta's Countryside Should Be Left Alone

A green and blue beacon for the rest of the island

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Controversial development proposals show up on a basis which is a bit too regular for many people's comfort, but some places around the Maltese islands are still beautifully untouched. And if there's one place that we really hope stays this way, it's Baħrija.

Here's why this tiny rural village near Rabat might very well be one of the island's most beautiful, and why the residents of Baħrija—and in extension all of Malta—should be proud of this stunning hamlet.

1. Baħrija makes for the most scenic walks (or drives) in the country

2. And any place is perfect to stop for a quick picnic or a spot of camping

3. The unobstructed views of the sea are something else

4. Some parts look like they've been untouched since Prehistoric times

5. And while sunsets over Malta are stunning, Baħrija even manages to take that up a notch

The Planning Authority has since come out to categorically deny plans to consider the inclusion "of any ODZ land in Baħrija into the development boundaries in any forthcoming local plan review." They concluded by saying "The PA unequivocally declares that it will not consider any addition to the development boundaries of Baħrija".

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