7 Reasons Why Għargħur Is One Of Malta's Best Places To Live

Beauty is in the eye of, well everyone in this case

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Featured Photo by Roberto Pullicino

Sitting snugly on just two square kilometres, Għargħur (or is it Ħal Arawr?) is one of the smallest villages in Malta. The tiny hilltop haven has a population of less than 3,000 people, but it also has loads to offer. Here's why we think Għargħur is one of the best places in Malta.

1. It has some insane views of Malta

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Photo by Adrian Cilia

And we're not just talking about Top of the World (which is definitely not in Madliena, sorry about that). Għargħur's strategic placement on a hilltop, just at the start of the northern side of Malta affords it some of the most unimpeded views of the island. 

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2. And has some beautiful architecture to match

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Gorgeous townhouses dot the landscape in Għargħur, and most of them are immaculately kept no matter how old they are. If you're looking for a more modern feel slightly away from the traditional village centre, this tiny beaut still has you covered.

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3. It's the perfect combination of easily accessible and remote

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There are a loads of Maltese villages just off the beaten track, but Għargħur manages to hover in that beautiful in-between where it's not too far away from central Malta, but just remote enough to be considered a quiet retreat. The Coast Road leading up to the North of Malta is minutes away, but those precious minutes means a lot more silence.

4. Għargħur knows how to throw a great feast

The feast of St. Bartholomew is celebrated at the end of August, and this is where the village more than makes up for its size, with its grand celebrations. In fact, last year at the 2016 Mechanised Ground Fireworks Festival, the St. Bartholomew Fireworks Factory won the category of best used products thanks to this impressive display:

5. It's the perfect place to go for some peace and quiet

As more of Malta keeps getting permits for higher buildings and more cramped office spaces, Għargħur offers a little room to breathe, and think. It's probably one of the best places in Malta to take up outdoor yoga.

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6. And to give you a little taste of Malta's traditions

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Photo by Michael Caroe Anderson

The local bakery run by Louis is one of the most popular stops for locals. And if it's not just bread you're after, try asking Louis if he'll help you out with your Sunday lunch - there's nothing quite like furnar-baked patata l-forn.

7. At the end of the day... its sunsets are a thing of beauty

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No matter how tough your day was, coming back to this view will relieve at least some of your pent-up office stress.

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Photo by Martin Daryl Van Beek

What is your favourite thing about Għargħur? Let us know in the comments and tag a die-hard Għargħur fan!

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