Birkirkara Is The Place To Be This Year - And Here's Why

All roads lead to the Valley!

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Birkirkara is one of the largest towns in Malta, both in terms of area and population. While this might lead some people to shun it as an overcrowded or over-polluted, they're missing the bigger picture. And here are a couple of reasons why we think that in 2017, Birkirkara is the place to be.

1. It's about to see a spike in housing investments

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Word on the street is that 2017 will see Birkirkara have its gorgeous townhouses renovated, making it the new, hottest place to buy property. This means most of the beautiful, old townhouses can easily morph into the ultimate classy abode. 

2. There are gorgeous alleys all over

Sure, Valley Road is pretty busy most of the day, but that doesn't mean that Birkirkara hasn't got its fair share of beautiful and quiet spots. Countless paved alleys dot the town, and it's no surprise that Instagram is full of snaps of Birkirkara. 

3. It could very well become hipster central

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After everything we've said, it should come as no surprise that some of the the cool new bars to check out in 2017 are found in Birkirkara. And with a place like Stanjata showing up mere metres away from the now-legendary Coach & Horses, Birkirkara is still firmly on the hipster map.

4. It's a town that hasn't let go of its traditions

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While quite a lot of localities in Malta can claim this characteristic, few bear it as proudly as Birkirkara. It's one of those places that effortlessly merges a forward-thinking mentality with its very first roots, and it does it gracefully. 

5. The Parish Church was an actual backdrop to a fashion show

And not just any fashion show, but a Charles & Ron runway. It's quite the feat to steal the spotlight from such an amazing collection of clothes, but for a second, the Birkirkara Parish Church nearly did. Speaking of the Parish Church, don't get us started on the interior:

6. It (still) has one of the best football teams in Malta

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Birkirkara FC have been placing in the top positions of the Maltese Premiere League for quite a while now, and with their latest ranking of third in the whole island, they'll once again be qualifying for the first round of the Europa League. 

Of course, you don't need to live in Birkirkara to side with Birkirkara FC, but if you really want to immerse yourself in a new town this year, then you should start looking into some property in Valley Road, as close as possible to McDonald's. 

7. If good food is what you're after, Birkirkara's got you sorted

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Amongst a long list of great bars, restaurants and cafes, Birkirkara is home to Day Fresh, one of the best high-end butchers in Malta. With its amazing home made sausages, prime cuts and cheeky jabs at vegetarians, this is one of those places we're very grateful is an actual thing.

8. Karkariżi know how to throw one hell of a feast

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Birkirkara might not have a record-breaking fireworks display, but it makes up for all of that with sheer manpower and festivities. Even in the searing August heat, the Santa Liena feast is one of the most celebrated feasts on the island, with locals and non-locals alike showing up to drink and sing the day away even on a boiling Sunday morning.

BONUS: This house

Name a house with such an iconic and awkwardly interesting architecture anywhere else in Malta. Go on, we'll wait. In the meantime, we'll be looking into buying a nice little townhouse, just down the road. 

Do you know anyone who lives in Birkirkara? Tag them in the comments and spread the 2017 hype!

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