Canadian Writer Brands Malta As A "Developing Country" – Here's What The Maltese Had To Say About It

And it's not all "go bek to your cuntry" material


Malta has been featured in one of Canada's leading travel magazine, Outpost, in a feature written by Ryan Murdock. The piece, titled "Challenges of Living in a Developing Country" provides a litany of ways Malta is still quite... under-developed. 

Murdock picks on pretty obvious areas of concern – driving, corruption, bureaucracy, customer service, waste – the list goes on. And while he acknowledges that Malta is no longer classed as a developing country, he makes it pretty clear that in all of these areas – we're still not far off from that.

"The IMF listed Malta as a developing country until the day it joined the European Union and the Eurozone. And then someone waved a magic wand and that status changed overnight. So it’s wise to take such indexes with a grain of salt"

Ryan Murdock, Outpost

So what was the general attitude towards the article once it surfaced in the land of social media? Well, mostly –  that this guy's got a point. Perhaps it's the calm before the storm, but so far the general sentiment has been: #truth. 

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Here's a handful of reactions from locals to the points made in the piece:

1. The "true, but we still love you Malta" reactions


2. The "chill bro, it's not just us" reactions

3. The "yup – that's exactly right" reactions


4. The "dude, get your facts right" reactions

5. The "get off your high horse" reaction

6. Okay... it had to appear somewhere

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