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A series on Reddit's sub category r/Europe asks people from across the continent to write down what they know about different countries from their general knowledge, without looking up any information beforehand.

Malta was eventually chosen as the topic of discussion, so here's what people knew about us off the top of their heads.

1. Reddit user rocknrohl was very quick to be very blunt

But also... kinda correct.

Gambling Reddit

2. While Lenacy from Italy loved it

Even if they did drop a hilarious truth bombs that was hard to swallow.

Bald Reddit

3. These guys joined the ranks who respected our BAMF status

He is of course, talking about the George Cross on our flag, awarded for gallantry during WWII, which literally dozens of people raved about.

Hardcore Reddit
George 2 Reddit

4. Educating Ireland's whool91 in the process

And probably some Maltese people too...

Cross Reddit

5. Loads of people said they were confused, but in love, with our language

Which is a fair take on Maltese, if a little over-simplified.


6. But we disappointed many who were convinced we also speak Italian

Sorry to break it to you boys and girls...

Myth Reddit

7. At least we won back all those who dislike the French

Of which, it seems, there are many.


8. Obviously Game of Thrones was mentioned

We're actually kinda surprised it took this long to come up.

Go T

9. There was this odd complaint

That the more we stop to think about, the more sense it makes. We really do have a lot of stairs.

Stairs Reddit

10. And this fair jab

Here's an unsurprising fact: Europe isn't our friend when it comes to hunting issues.


11. But the most important takeaway from all this is that Malta is a kickass place to visit

Visit 2

Bonus: This guy met the one Joe in Gozo!

How exciting for him, what a rare find indeed! Here's hoping everyone who visits asks for Joe, from Gozo.


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