Classic Maltese Comebacks That Hit Hard With Minimal Effort

Mur obsor!

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There are a lot of things Maltese people are proficient at, but our rich arsenal of (at times nonsensical) comebacks definitely needs to be at the very top of the list.

From older sayings to evergreen ones, here's a list of our favourite Maltese comebacks which you've probably heard countless times before: 

1. "Iss grazzi!"

Oh Yea Duh

Half of these comebacks are only as effective as they are thanks to our constant use of sarcasm. And that doesn't come off any better than in this instance, where you'd be doing everything except thanking someone.

2. "Faqqa' subgħajk!"

Trump Duh

Oh my, you've contributed so much to the discussion, haven't you? Faqqa' subgħajk bro, prosit.

3. "Trid straw?"


Oh god, you're one of those aren't you? Ta' xorobha?

4. "Ħaqqek wafer"

Sarcastic Clap

Oh you're just so good aren't you? Enjoy this...wafer? And then there's that delightful variation from back in the day - "Ħaqqek xkupa bla lasta"?!

5. "Ma tafx?" ("Me tofx?")

Jack Black Impressed

Legit our face whenever we hear this. Yes, I just told you, I know. Also including the alternate pronunciation, seeing as this one's all the rage in Gozo.

6. "Jekk m'għandix!"


As close as we can get to a Maltese "LOL fuck that"

7. "Mela żobb jew?!


In a bid to really prove how beautifully colourful (and at the same time extremely nonsensical) Maltese can be, this one can be used to mean two very different things. It's either another famous iteration of "Yeah DUH" (normally also followed with even more nonsensical blabber like "Sur Kappillan"), or another way of saying you definitely don't want any part of something. Most of the time, you just need to be very careful of the context and tone. 

8. "Għamilhom rasek taħt l-ilma!"

Wait What No

Every. Single. Time.

NO! Mum – why would I ever want to do that?!

BONUS: "Go back to your country!"

Although chances are, it'll probably be closer to "gow bek 2 ur kantrij". The automatic reply to any non-citizen saying anything even remotely critical of our country. 

Which Maltese comeback do you use the most? Did we leave something out? Tell us in the comments below and tag someone who's constantly overusing the above!

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