How To Exercise In Malta Without Noticing

For those of us more partial to sofa-sitting


Okay, it's all been said – Maltese people are overweight, don't like to exercise, love to eat. We get it. There's a big chance the new year will bring along a nation-wide effort to be more fit and health-conscious. But let's face it, that kind of change very rarely outlives January and we quickly go back to our big, fat, unhealthy ways.

So here's a few ways we can keep ourselves active without even realising it. This obviously doesn't substitute real exercise and dieting... but – every little helps.

1. Hit the Ferries for the January sales

Especially if it's just to window shop – walking around for three to four hours without stopping for too long can't hurt your daily calorie burning count. Just don't stop for a Cinnabon treat along the way, and practice your wave-and-keep walking for all the people you're inevitably going to meet on your retail journeys

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2. Help a friend who lives on the 4th floor organise a dinner party

Find a friend who lives in an old Maltese block of flats and convince him/her to organise a healthy dinner party. Join them on their grocery shopping spree to burn extra calories – remember, the heavier the bags, the more you burn. As for the menu – these BBC Good Food recipes should have you covered. 

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3. Take a fast-paced tour of Valletta

Grab a couple of friends and walk through every street in Valletta in one morning. Make sure you keep up the pace and leave no street un-walked. With its notoriously hilly terrain, you're bound to get your heart rate up a notch or two. (Also your Instagram feed will thank you)

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4. Carry Nanna's gas cylinder up to the roof

You might not be able to do this alone – but it's definitely worth doing. Lifting heavy things plus walking up stairs is a surefire cardio killer. And helping nanna out with anything is just awesome all around. 

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5. Take your baby cousins/nieces/nephews on a picnic

Let's face it – Maltese families are so big taking the newest generation on a picnic basically needs the same endurance as a gym session. Round up the kids and head to Ta' Qali for a picnic. Then make sure you participate in all the old-school picnic games – catch, prisoners, hide and seek. Heart rate – increased. Fun factor – all time high.

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6. Listen to Destiny's Fast Life

Wherever, whenever  – we dare you not to burn a bunch of calories dropping it like it's hot to this tune.

7. Practice diving with your doggy

Okay so maybe now's not the perfect time for this, but realistically it will be swimming season again in about 5 minutes. So follow Titti's example and get yourself camera-ready for the summer season. 

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8. Have more sex

Stop complaining that there's nothing fun to do in Malta. Work on your sex life/cardio regime instead. 


Any other ideas for incognito exercise? Let us know in the comments section below!

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