Is This The Shittiest Thing To Happen On A Maltese Bus?

Yikes! Talk about disastrous

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When it comes to public transport, we've all had our fair share of nightmare stories. But after this woman took to The Salott to post her horrifying experience, we think she's taken having a crap day to a whole new level.

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Yes, you read that correctly. The poor woman sat in someone else's (watery) shit. Can anyone say traumatizing?

The comments on the post varied from horrified, to confused as to how anyone can sit in actual shit, and not smell it beforehand. Well according to Eleanor, you can - and it'll cost your trousers.

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But just when we thought things couldn't possibly get worse, one comment showed us how wrong we were. Salottier Madalina shared a fun anecdote about a friend of hers once sat in some random dude's sperm.

Absolutely. Sickening. 

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As you'd expect from anyone who's endured a similar fate, Eleanor ended her post with an appeal for human decency: "When its a virus you cannot say where and when is going to happen but please if you know that you have a virus stay at HOME".

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