Look At All These Skinny, Out-Of-Place Buildings Popping Up All Over Malta

Coming to a street near you

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That Malta's in the middle of a construction boom is nothing new - but all these random tall, slim buildings popping up all over the islands is some weird shit that seems to be, unfortunately, very much currently in season.

Just in time for summer, these serious eyesores have been slimming down in an attempt to maybe not be noticed by the Maltese populace.

But notice they did, and we've now been #Blessed with these shady pictures and comments.

1. There's this vertigo-inducing home

2. And this scientifically-certified Maltese habitat

3. This bad boy just got snapped today

4. And then there's this thing that can't decide whether it's a garage or a high-rise

5. Or this, which seems to believe it's actually part of a magician's disappearing trick

6. Then there are times when you just don't know what you are at all, really

BONUS: This little one storey home being seriously encroached on is about to attach a bunch of balloons and fly away any day now, just you wait

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