Malta's Craziest Driving Moments In 2016

Hey – it's only life and death situations


2016 has certainly been an eventful year for Malta. We've had our ups and our downs, but one thing has remained true to form – we're still home to some of the craziest mother loving drivers you could ever imagine. 

Here's some of the levels Malta's traffic lunacy has reached in the past twelve months.  

1. When a driver was like – I'll just take the stairs

"Hey – who put these stairs here around 500 years ago?"

2. When one VW Beetle driver couldn't decide between road or promenade

I'll just take both.

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3. When this truck driver was like – now's a good time to drive into oncoming traffic

Change lanes irrationally? Don't mind if I do.

4. When this dude gave road rage a whole new meaning 

Thank goodness for brave, elderly men jumping to the rescue. 

5. When there was stand-still traffic – Every. Single. Day.

Here's to someone solving this nightmare reality in 2017.

6. When this bus got itself into a jam

"Itfaħha first ħabib!"

7. When this guy rocked the island with his batshit crazy round-about stunt

Hands down – craziest mofo out there.

BONUS: When this cyclist drove into the heart of danger

Forecast for today is showing apocalyptic storms with a chance of death via gigantic wave. I'll just cycle to work then. 

Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments section!

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