5 Maltese Mugs That'll Make Your Coworkers Jealous AF

Seriously, mug hierarchy is totally a thing

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Nothing breaks up a long day at work like a quick cuppa. It's a chance to stretch your legs, chat with your colleagues, and from now on show everyone who's really boss with your new, badass Maltese mug.

1. Ġo Halqek's viral mugs

Stay ahead of the curve and represent your feelings towards every Monday morning with a bold Madonna Madonna No! mug.

Price: €15

Go Halqek

2. Kelma Kelma's poetic mugs

Mellow mornings are perfect for poetic slogans and a quick belgħa kafe.

Price: €8


3. Stephanie Borg's cultural mugs

We've already raved about Stephanie's hipster mugs, but it wouldn't be a Maltese mug list without a good old tile pattern!

Price: €12.95

Hipster Mug

4. Steve Bonello's honest mugs

Has your boss already started complaining and it's not even 9:00am yet? A passive aggressive sip from either one of these will probably do the trick!

Price: €12.50

Steve Bonello

5. Souvenirs That Don't Suck's catchphrase mugs

Bongu! Mela! Let your mugs do the talking for you - or carry a little bit of Malta back with you overseas. Who says locals don't need souvenirs? 


Bonus: This gem from Tal-lira

Is it offensive? Probably. Should Tal-Lira be selling it? Probably not. 

Will it outrank any of your coworkers holiday mug? Absolutely.

Why yes, that is a little badge that says: Homo Patrol

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