7 More Perfect Maltese-Made Gifts You Can Get This Christmas

We just can't get enough of local talent


Christmas shopping panic is starting to get more and more real. We've already given you some ideas on how to buy awesome presents whilst supporting local makers. But we're going to give you some more. Just because we're nice that way.

Also - these are all under €50!

Here goes:

1. National Book Council – Maltese literature

Price range: c. €12 +

There's nothing quite like a good read after the Christmas season furore comes to a head. Have a look at the National Book Council's prize-winning authors and pick something up from your nearest bookshop as a gift this year. 

Perfect for:

Anyone who can read really. We should all be investing more time and attention to our great authors.

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2. Stephanie Borg Designs – hipster mug

Price range: c. €15

Yes, we are advising you to buy a mug for someone this Christmas. But it's not just any mug, it's the ultimate Maltese-hipster mug. You can choose between typical Maltese tile patterns or Maltese windows and doors. Either way you're sorted for your most image-conscious friend.

Perfect for:

Stocking filler, BFF, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Hipster Mug

3. The Leather House  – handmade leather goods

Price range: €10 - €20

If you're in the Gozo area head down to the Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village in Għarb and visit The Leather House. This place has been making handcrafted leather goods since 1965 and they're really passionate about their work. Throw in that extra special touch by getting your leather gift personalised with a monogram. You'll def be on the 'nice' list next year.

Perfect for:

A friend who loves to travel, dads, boyfriends, brothers, or new parents who would love the leather baby boots.

Leather Copy

4. Stephen Cordina Aromatherapy – natural home fragrances & cosmetic products

Price range: €15 +

A brand new range of aromatherapy products have been launched by Maltese aromatherapist, cosmetologist and perfumer Stephen Cordina. If you want a posh gift for someone you need to impress his new range is great and it won't break the bank (unless you want it to...he's also got hampers).

Perfect for:

Your boss, lawyer/doctor/architect who helped you out this year, your in-laws. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 01 At 12 25 21

5. Bristow Pottery  – hand-painted ceramics

Price range: varies

Bristow Pottery is a local institution. There's tonnes of stuff there and it ranges from the incredibly weird, to the adorable, to great statement pieces. If you've got a good eye and can spot a diamond in the rough, you'll have a great gift on your hands.

Perfect for:

A new home-owner, your nanna and nannu, your parents or in-laws.


6. Politicks  – Maltese political card-game

Price range: €25 + shipping

This card game for two to four players features all the stars of Maltese politics and has you playing their part in challenging local scenarios. These guys have just launched their company so you can feel smug about supporting local enterprise whilst you play the game. #winning 

Perfect for:

Your coolest uncle/aunt, cousin, sibling

Screen Shot 2016 12 01 At 11 13 04

7. Island and the Prairies – Christmas card

Price range: c. €4 plus shipping

If you've finally got your hands on the perfect local Christmas gift, don't stop there. You can get a Maltese-made Christmas card to go with it. This young artist's designs are as cute as ever – good to keep in mind for other occasions too.

Perfect for:

Anyone who you want to send a special message to. 


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