9 Maltese Shops With Amazingly Punny Names

Pun definitely intended

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One of the best things about small businesses in Malta is what some of them are willing to do to catch people's attention. Perhaps one of the most utilised gimmicks in the country is punny names, with some shop names verging on the unbelievable. Here are nine of our favourite:

1. Nail Me Good

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We're not sure whether this pun was intentional or not, but it's definitely amazing. 

2. Mus/Cut

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 At 17 40 13

Possibly one of the best pun names to incorporate a business and a surname. What a time to be alive and hairdressing.

3. JustInk

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Maltese artist Justin Bonnici specialises in tattoos and murals, but as the fact that he came up with that ingenious title can testify, it's not just ink.

4. You Vee Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 At 15 00 04

Get it?! Because they sell sunglasses?! We couldn't make this stuff up even if we wanted to (which we really do).  

5. Scissors Palace

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 At 14 43 07

Move over Vegas. We don't know what is about Malta and punny names for hairdressing salons, but we hope this trend won't change any time soon.

6. Cod Almighty

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 At 14 46 42

One of the best places to get fish and chips in Malta, Cod Almighty also happens to have one of the most intelligently hilarious punny names.

7. Eyeconic

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 At 14 54 22

This one is as iconic of a glasses shop as they get. Wait, we spelt that wrong. 

8. StrEat

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In Valletta, you can eat in Strait Street. You can also eat at StrEat, which would literally mean you're eating at a place in Strait Street called StrEat. Amazing.

9. FurPlay

Screen Shot 2017 02 02 At 17 40 39

Specializing in the production and sale of local rabbits, Fur Pay is known by many as a butcher that sells some of the best rabbit meat in Malta. They should also add the honour of having one of the most hilarious (albeit slightly inappropriate) punny names.

What's the funniest Maltese shop punny name you've ever seen? Tell us in the comments!

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