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My Life Is Pinched Fingers: Here’s Why This New Emoji Is The Perfect Maltese Mood

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Ever found yourself totally confused, flabbergasted, peeved or flat-out pissed off at someone’s actions or words? Well, we’re all human… but Maltese people have a certain knack at getting passionate – or urtati – at the thought of pretty much anything. Which is why our time has finally come.

As has become traditional in our 21st century world where everyone lives, breathes and communicates nearly exclusively online, a brand new batch of emojis has made headlines, but it’s one of those 62 icons that’s excited central Mediterraneans.

Officially (and literally only officially) referred to as Pinched Fingers, this emoji will probably end up being known as the Italian Hand Gesture… but the world has yet to discover its relevance in tiny Malta.

The Pinched Fingers emoji is expected to make it onto devices by October this year, just in time for all the shiny new devices that you’ll definitely be needing to send your friends all the hot new icons and whatever GIF is trending then.

As if you needed any more confirmation as to how important this emoji is going to become in Maltese society and online communications, here’s a bunch of scenarios that the island’s millennials, zoomers and boomers alike can finally rally together behind.

1. When it’s 7am on a Sunday morning and you’re woken up by the sound of excavation works

2. When Malta is gifted a penalty in the 90th minute… and misses it

3. When someone nearly crashes into you to overtake you… then you end up driving past them by the next roundabout

4. When all of Europe is drowning or being blown away by a storm and it’s 17°C and sunny back in Malta

5. When your nanna cooks your favourite dish for the 57th time this year and asks whether it tastes as good as the last time

6. When someone says “hungry and fancying takeaway” or asks what the feminine of gendus is 10 months from now

7. When you see your crush passing by and you turn to your friends to try and express how good they look

Tag someone who’s going to use and abuse this emoji when it’s released

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