Over 65% Of All Foreigners Living In Malta Come From These 10 Countries

Shoutout to the one guy from Turkmenistan living in Malta


Malta has historically been at the crossroads of the world, with a mixture of cultures mixing on the Maltese archipelago for centuries on end. Many nationalities feel safe and comfortable moving to and becoming residents of Malta. 

The country's mix of Semitic and European culture as well as English being an official language means Malta is high on the list of attractive countries to move to.

However, following a recent Parliamentary Question by MP Godfrey Farrugia, we now have the actual breakdown of the 27,238 non-EU foreign nationals who are registered in Malta. 

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat gave the figures in response to the question by Dr Farrugia. He said the numbers were a result of Eurostat statistics, and noted that they do not include citizens coming from European Union member state since they are registered under a different system.

These are the ten countries with the most nationals registered to live in Malta. 

1. Libya – 3,622

2. Serbia – 2,757

3. The Philippines – 2,407

4. Russia – 2,027

5. Somalia – 1,845

6. Syria – 1,289

7. China – 1,090

8. Eritrea – 1,057

9. Ukraine - 896

10. India – 819

Joseph Muscat also said that the five North Koreans who were given residency in 2016 had left Malta after their visa wasn't extended.

The full list of non-EU nationals also shows some other interesting numbers, with just a single resident coming from countries like Burundi, Turkmenistan, El Salvador and Tonga. 

Statistics from early last year placed Italy, the UK, and Bulgaria as the overall countries with the most residents in Malta.

Where you surprised by the numbers?

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