11 Great Places For A Winter Picnic In Malta

It's finally just cold and green enough!

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Photos by Michelle Melissa Scotto, Marcis Carta and Luke Tanti.

Just because it's getting much colder lately doesn't mean you can't venture out for a weekend picnic. If anything, it's now officially the perfect time for it – with Malta finally getting some much-needed rain, all you need to do is be prepared to take in all the greenery around you, and get ready to take a couple of #nofilter photos that could very well break the internet. 

Here's our favourite spots for a spot of winter picnicking.

1. Ta' Qali

Let's get the obvious ones out of the way first. Of course, that's not to say that one of Malta's most famous picnic areas (and adjacent dog parks) is not absolutely gorgeous and incredibly photogenic – as over 2,000 photos on Instagram prove so well.

2. Buskett

The only place in Malta that can technically be considered a woodland, Buskett will always be one of the first places that practically everyone would mention if they're brainstorming places to go for a picnic. Although it may get a little busy sometimes, Buskett on a quiet day is still one of the most beautifully serene areas in the country.

3. Armier

Armier has some of the most beautiful unobstructed views of the sunset and is the perfect place for a late afternoon winter picnic, be it by the beach or on the cliffs just up the road. 

4. Tal-Virtu'

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Atop a hill in the Rabat area, Tal-Virtu' boasts some of the most beautiful views of the archipelago, which leaves no surprise as to why big summer festivals have started being organised around the awesome castle there. When the partying's over, though, this place becomes a tiny slice of heaven, especially for night picnics under the moonlight.

5. Top of the World

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Photo by Ritty Tacsum

As the name suggests, this spot in Madliena has gorgeous views of Malta. But it's also a great place to just stop and have a quick picnic with your friends or family. Or both, because seriously everyone needs to feel like they're on top of the world at least once this winter.

6. Chadwick Lakes

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This place is just the right place for a winter walk in the countryside, but it's also great for picnics. Of course, it would be even better if we make sure to keep it clean for all to enjoy.

7. Riviera

One of the best things about Riviera is that, like Armier, it offers a dual experience – the more conventional picnic on a grassy hill, or a fully-fledged wintery version of a beach at dusk. And what's more, both options include one of the most beautiful and frequently photographed sunsets this side of the Mediterranean. 

8. San Anton

While most people might associate San Anton Gardens more with brisk walks in their childhoods, the place still remains on the top of the list for many people's go-to picnic places. And with winter in full swing, the fresher air and lack of crowds might very well be the reasons why this place makes our list.  

9. Żonqor Point

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One of the most flawless places off the beaten track in Malta is actually its southernmost tip. And considering all the controversy surrounding the area and the fact that we might soon lose this immaculate area to development, we'd recommend driving down and making the most of it while you still can. Talk about a winter picnic with a view.

10. Bidnija

Popularized by dozens of Instagram uploads of beautiful walks and horse-riding in the area, Bidnija's social media fame certainly doesn't do it enough justice. By far one of the most stunning places in Malta. 

11. Comino

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If you ask any tourist about their best memory of Comino, they're more than likely going to tell you about that beautiful day they spent in the middle of summer at the Blue Lagoon, where even if there were hundreds of people, the sea was perfectly clear and fresh for a dip. 

If you ask a local about their best memory of Comino, they'll probably mention that one day in the middle of winter when they randomly decided to travel to the completely empty island for the best picnic of their lives. 

BONUS: All of Gozo

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We were going to try and pick the best place to go for a winter picnic in Gozo, but then we remembered that the entire island is perfect. Especially this time of the year when all the hills turn an unreally gorgeous shade of green.

Which is your favourite place to go for a winter picnic in Malta? Tell us in the comments and tag your friends to start planning a picnic for the weekend!

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