Sean Gravina Lost His Little Asshole Last Month And It Showed Up At A Hotel This Week

'​It seems like he is happy free'

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After a month of being lost, Sean Gravina's Asshole has been found in good condition.

The green parrot was spotted hanging on the terrace of the Corinthia San Gorg on Tuesday, whereupon the hotel put out a public call for people to reclaim the parrot, which they affectionately called Georgie.

It turns out, however, that Georgie is actually Sean Gravina, Ira Losco's partner's, Asshole.

The vulgarly-named bird, earning its namesake for its terrible temperament and predilection to bite whatever comes near, had escaped from Sean Gravina's home five weeks ago, and has apparently been living its best life ever since.

Sean, who owns five other parrots, was both surprised to see it was still alive and excited to see Asshole making the most of its new freedom.

"It seems like he is happy free, and I feel bad putting him back in a cage," he told Lovin Malta about his Asshole.

Sean's Asshole is in good condition and doing well

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