Serjeta' Biss, Serjeta' Spiss: Malta's Cheekiest Satirical News Page Is Finally Back

And it's wittier and brasher than ever

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They say truth is stranger than fiction, but that doesn't mean fiction can't be entertaining AF. Maltese satirical news site Bis-Serjeta’ - Serjeta’ Biss is finally back, and we’re lowkey (read: absolutely) hoping it’s here to stay.

It's been four years of not having the site's cheeky posts making it to your Facebook newsfeed, but now that the page is done from going aloof, it’s time for us to get back to reading very real reporting on some very serious news.

The page also took to social media to announce an incoming new website... but not before yet another not-so-subtle jab at the current situation on our island.

The last couple of years have been a hurricane of reports on political scandal, corruption, legal cases, contention issues, parties blaming each other… you get the point.

The laughs are slowly dying out on our little island.

Cue in Bis-Serjeta’ - Serjeta’ Biss: the fake-news media portal that only gives out brilliantly-headlined, satirical news.

Just this week, for example, Simon Busuttil admitted he was a Labour spy, shirtless Ben Camille walked into a police station to demand his own fake news article and Joseph Muscat suggested we all pretend Malta isn't near Africa to solve the migrant crisis. How can you not love this shit?

Give us a reason to ridicule Malta’s current political circus-show and we’re 100% on board. Screw everything that tears us apart (like our pikas); a love for satire is something that flows in our blood.

And it’s not just the articles that are making us laugh out loud; the Maltese people of Facebook are really delivering on some witty lines... while others are actually falling for the very obvious bait. Which, let's face it, is even more entertaining.

As 2019 rolls on, we'll be keeping an eye (and a tab) open for Bis-Serjeta's page. Welcome back, Karl Stennienibarra, you've surely been missed.

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