The Five Best Of The Worst Gag Gifts You Could Bring To A Maltese Secret Santa

The actual nightmare before Christmas

Secret Santa Gag Gift

€20 in Christmastime can turn into a hilarious office bonding experience or a cringe-binge, and it's all thanks to Secret Santa.

Needless to say, the whole thing is a very stressful experience.

You’ve got to find something that doesn’t cost much, but can’t look cheap either. And it’s got to reflect the personality of the person you’re getting it for. Whatever you get, it’s going to be what turns you into the office legend or office public enemy number one.

Here are a couple of things you could go for this Christmas.

(DISCLAIMER: take none of the following too seriously,; they could cost you a gift and your job)

1. A box full of coal

Imagine the recipient's face when they open this gift. It’s a golden opportunity that you just cannot give up.

2. A donation to the cat community in Luqa

Be sure to insert a card with the note “this Christmas, you’re giving money for a cause you didn’t even know was a cause.”

3. A weight loss book and measuring tape


4. A book on how to be interesting

Secretary Sally who one guy in the entire office ever saw smile once deserves like 10 copies of this book.

5. A DIY fruit basket

Grab all the fruit that you have around your kitchen, grab a nice ribbon and ta-da! A Secret Santa present everybody is going to question.

Tell us what your worst Secret Santa gift was in the comments below!

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