Things To Stop Telling Pale People In Malta

Anyone have factor 100 sunblock please?


Most Maltese people have that so-called olive skin that withstands the sun even in its highest of UV ratings. But there are some Maltese, just a select few, whose skin should come with a protective case while they're living on the islands.

But there's no need to remind them of their paleness repeatedly. Here's what you need to stop saying to pale people:

1. You're sick jaqaw?

Nope. This is how I always look.

Giphy 2

2. Make sure you wear a hat ta!

Why don't you wear your ass as a hat and leave me alone?

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3. Hun, you're going to get sunstroke if you're not careful...

She says as she applies the third layer of tanning oil. Yes and you're going to look like a mummy by the time you're 30.

Tumblr Nqhc1Jwarw1Qd479Ro1 500

4. Pale skin is nice as well ta, very editorial

Thanks for that. Now my life can start. 


5. You're half english imma no?

No, but you're full annoying. 

Giphy 3

6. You won't tan ta. You'll just burn and then peel.

I'm glad you know my skin better than I do. Look over there, that's a perfect spot you can fuck off to.

Tumblr Lrpkici Ebp1Qkti5H

7. Mur fix-xemx ftit jahasra!

I can't. I'm actually a vampire. 


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