Things All Maltese People Feel When Christmas Is Over

It had to end sometime

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Maltese Christmases are a big deal – families are loud, gifts are plentiful, food is beyond abundant. But like all good and/or just bearable things, Christmas ends. We all go back to our mundane lives and jobs and carry on as we once lived – before December.

Here's a selection of feelings we all go through once Christmas is over. 

1. Relief

Now Great Auntie Ċetta can stop asking me when she's ever going to meet my boyfriend. Little does she know that my boyfriend's name is Jessica.

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2. Extreme Fatigue

Sarah's incessant WhatsApps begging you to join her at Ryans because she's "sure a lot of people will be there", are just way beyond what your body can take right now.

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3. Stress

"Għandi xi ġimgħa biex niżbarazza kollox."

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4. Hunger

You're not sure how exactly this is happening, but somehow even after the epic food marathon that was Christmas lunch, you're still starving. Hemm xi turkey sandwich jew?

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5. Emptiness

Even if you're not the biggest Christmas fan, that feeling of 'what now?' still hits you hard in the gut. Maybe I should see if Sarah wants to go to Ryans...

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6. Nostalgia

Briefly, you get a pang of regret that you didn't savour the Christmas period more fervently. You forget about all the annoying people you met whilst Christmas shopping and wish you could do it all over again. 

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7. Excitement

You suddenly perk up and remember – there's still New Year's Eve to celebrate!

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8. Anxiety

You suddenly jolt up and remember – there's still New Year's Eve to celebrate...

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