This Guy Nails Every Pepe Parents' Convo In Maltese History


If you grew up in or around a pepe household, you're going to be rolling with nostalgic-laughter at this Maltese guy's amazing round-up of shit all pepe parents say.

We picked out some of our favourite lines from his hilarious video. Too good.

1. “Now we get together ta! Nagħmlu girls’ night”

Every pepe mother's annual escape from reality...

Screen Shot 2017 01 20 At 15 09 50

2. "Aqta minn miet?!”

Guessing who died is always the hottest conversation starter.

Screen Shot 2017 01 20 At 15 12 41

3. "Get off the phone and revise!”

We can still hear our mum's shrill voice piercing through our ear drums.

Screen Shot 2017 01 20 At 15 14 04

4. "L-oħra – going out, drinking shooters, u daw l-affarijiet...”

Ah yes, we've all heard our parents talk about us to their friends like we were the literal scum of the earth.

Screen Shot 2017 01 20 At 15 16 23

5. "I'm not going to be with you in the exam!”

Nothing screams encouragement more loudly than reminding your child oh-so-cruelly that they are absolutely on their own.

Screen Shot 2017 01 20 At 15 18 45

6. "Jew a handbag of Burberry, or a polo neck...”

The classic gift-buying advice. You can't just suggest the same thing every year, Ma!

Screen Shot 2017 01 20 At 15 20 44

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