14 Indoor Things You Can Do In Malta This Weekend

The cold doesn't have to get you down

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When the winter chill hits, it's tempting to just stay home and think of hacks to keep you warm. But if you've just recovered from the flu, the last thing you want is more home time. So here are a bunch of other things you can do this weekend while still keeping cosy because they're all indoors. 

1. Watch an opera at an arthouse cinema

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Kicking off Spazju Kreattiv's 2017 Met Opera schedule, Verdi's masterpiece Nabucco will be showing on four separate days (with the last matinée encore on the 2nd of July), but the live performance is going down this weekend.

2. Dance to vinyl dj-ing at Cafe Society

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Cafe Society's weekly funk nights are back with a bang for 2017, and this week's vinyl selection comes from beloved legend Jumblist Movement.

3. Drink wine and enjoy live music in Valletta

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Django's Valletta music nights have recently moved to Laparelli Cafe in South Street, and tonight promises to be a cosy night with fine wines, brilliant beers and of course good music.

4. Be serenaded by jazz in Spinola

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If this cold screams "jazz", then you're sorted for this weekend. The Jazz Cave in St. Julian's is paying tribute to the great Edward 'Duke' Ellington, one of New York's most decorated jazz pioneers. Featuring a stellar lineup of some of Malta's best jazz musicians, this event is taking place over two days, with Saturday's lineup adding Joe Debono on piano to the fray.  

5. Check out the closing punk night of a street art exhibition

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The closing of The Malta Street Art Collective's exhibition at Hotel Splendid in Strait Street Valletta will also feature a live performance from hardcore band Double Standard and a noise performance by Salo. Warm and cosy sure, but noisy in all the right ways.

6. Party with Glory Holes (sort of) in Sliema

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The first Saturday of the new year is kicking off with a hipster bang at Sliema's The Hole In The Wall, with a live performance by upcoming band Television Suicide, followed by a DJ set by the beloved Bob himself.

7. Discover talented musicians at Electro Lobster Project or The Villa

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This weekend, Electro Lobster Project will be hosting the first of what will probably be many more performances helmed by Kyle Drakard on drums and Matt Xikluna on bass. As usual, the duo will be joined by a host of other musicians and vocalists, and this night is shaping up to be a fun cosy conclusion to the weekend. Meanwhile, Get It Sundays are back at The Villa, this time only indoors. This week features Raquela Dalli Gonzi and Cheryl Balzan. 

8. Visit the Esplora science centre

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This is a great place to spend the day especially if you've got kids to keep entertained. While Villa Bighi will be open on any day this weekend, Sunday is a great day to go on some interactive scientific explorations, especially considering as the cold and bad weather should have toned down by then. We recommend checking out their online schedule and booking.

9. Go bowling

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This one always follows the same pattern; you thinking you're too old to enjoy bowling the way you used to, you showing up and after playing one round, you're screaming like a little girl and having the time of your life. The bonus of knowing how cold everyone is outside (probably) makes the whole thing even more enjoyable. 

10. Try Laser Tag

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You don't have to be Barney Stinson in New York to enjoy an exciting round of Laser Tag, and Baystreet's Lasermaxx Arena should get your blood pumping enough to warm you up for the rest of the night!

11. Cosy up at the cinema

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With most of the Christmas 2016 blockbusters still showing, but probably fewer queues and ġenn tal-Milied, there's no better time to huddle up and cheer the night away to your favourite heroes on the big screen!

12.  Have a couple of drinks at your local bar

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If you don't want to stay indoors for the whole weekend but don't feel any of the above, you could always go down to your local bar and meet up with a couple of friends. That way, you get to at least do something without having to brave too much of that cold. And hey, you can always check out one of the many Maltese bars offering free food for that sweet bonus!

13. Spend some quality time with your family

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You're not the only feeling cold, and if you're quite satisfied on the whole going out front, don't forget to spend these days with the people who love you the most. After all, there's no better solution to the cold than a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

14. Enjoy a good pub roast

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Rally the troops. This one's for Sunday lunch!

Where will you be spending your weekend? Tell us in the comments and tag someone who needs some inspiration!

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