13 Talented Dancers That Are Putting Malta On The Map

These guys and gals have the moves to prove it


The last few years has seen a steady increase in Maltese professional and dedicated dance schools and choreography - and the amount of ridiculously good Maltese dancers around the island just goes to prove it.

After years of practice, a generation of dancers are hitting the peak of their careers, and dropping some insane moves all over Malta and abroad.

From hip-hop to flamenco and everything in between, here are thirteen of the best dancers in Malta in no particular order.

1. Cheryl Lofreda

2. Warren Bonello

3. Keith Micallef

4. Denise Buttigieg

5. Luke Cassar

6. Federica Nicastro

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7. Sergio Laferla

8. Luke Brincat

9. Dorian Mallia

10. Liston Bongailas

11. Chris Agius Darmanin

12. Daphne Farrugia


13. Luke Mizzi

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Who do you think is Malta's best dancer?

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Johnathan Cilia

Johnathan is interested in the weird, dark, and wonderful contradictions our late-capitalist society forces upon us. He also likes music and food. Contact him at [email protected]