Calling All Maltese Rappers: Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Best?

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow


Malta's premiere rap battles are back for a third edition: Botta u Risposta has hosted some of the most fiery rap battles ever seen in Malta, with previous editions featuring local heavyweights Hooligan and Lapes from Marmalja battling it out as well as performances from Digby and Rumbull.

The new edition will see a new change to the format on the night. Botta u Risposta will now be in tournament form, with emcees battling it out to make it to the next rounds until one rapper is named supreme.

"The aim is to have as much of a diverse range of Malta-based rap artists as possible in terms of style, whether someone is a veteran or a young prodigy. Lyrical content, flow and performance will be key in selecting who will make it. It will serve as an open platform to support the rich emerging hip-hop scene in Malta," said Adrian Debattista, one of the organisers behind the series of rap battles.

Botta u Risposta is now looking for new challengers for the next edition, set for the 14th of July at The Garage in Żebbuġ. The tournament will feature a minimum of eight rappers - and the organisers are currently looking for the hottest performers on the island.

"This time we decided to put out a call for emcees who may choose whether they prefer to battle in Maltese or English or both. The rap battle tournament comes with a final prize for the winner, and any rapper that thinks he/she has what it takes can register with the possibility of being selected," he said.

Any rapper who thinks they can hold their own on stage can register for the tournament until the 10th of May by following this link.

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