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Easter Eargasms! Feast On These Tracks Released By Malta’s Musicians Over The Long Weekend

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The long weekend is here which means you have plenty of time to listen to some fresh tunes produced by local talent.

This might very well be the biggest music round-up we’ve done to date with tracks from across all genres including pop, EDM and Maltese folk music.

1. JOON – Good Times

It seems like a lifetime ago, but there once was a normal reality prior to the pandemic. In her latest single, Good Times, JOON takes us down a nostalgic trip to the days when we used to party all night long.

It’s fun, lighthearted and leaves the heart longing for better days.

2. Aidan – Naħseb Fik 

In the midst of Destiny’s Eurovision euphoria, local musician Aidan came out of nowhere to steal the top stop with his latest banger, Naħseb Fik.

The song, sung entirely in Maltese, climbed all the way to the top of the local Spotify charts and premiered at Muzika Muzika.

It has since garnered positive reviews and has over 50,00 views across streaming platforms.

3. Kyle George – Back To You

Former X Factor contestant Kyle George has made his debut on local airwaves with his song, Back To You.

George penned the song himself along with the help of local producer Micimago to give the track its final touches.

Back To You is a deeply personal track accompanied by a music video featuring the X Factor finalist himself.

3. LEX – Don’t Want This To Break 

LEX has been off the radar over the past few months, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t kept himself busy.

The Maltese DJ cooked up his latest track, Don’t Want This To Break, and released it over the weekend.

The house/dance track comes with chill vibes, perfect for our lockdown listens.

4. Nick Morales – Stennieni

Local alternative stalwart Nick Morales has released the second single off his upcoming album.

Stennieni is a pop song sung entirely in Maltese – the complete opposite of what you’d expect from someone who helped nurture Malta’s punk scene… but it works.

“The track is about a relationship in which the man is longing for more time with the woman, but she has other plans like crazy nights and travelling the world,” Morales told Lovin Malta.

“The man tries to catch up but she doesn’t give him a chance because she’s scared of commitment”.

5. Eddie Fresco – Heartbreak

With the release of his latest single, Maltese rapper Eddie Fresco is circling back round to where it all started for him – heartbreak and break-ups.

Heartbreak follows the trend one can expect from his upcoming album – sombre in tone, melancholic and deeply emotional.

6. ĠENN – Mackerel’s Funky Mission

Brighton-based, transnational band ĠENN has released its last single, Mackerel’s Funky Mission, just before the launch of its EP, Liminal.

Mackerel’s Funky Mission is one groovy track in which Maltese frontwoman Leona Farrugia takes on the life of a fish in order to escape reality and venture into the sea.

ĠENN’s end destination is Malta, but their mackerel mission involves one upbeat, funky journey.

7. Das Birthday Girl – Theresa

Maltese artist Das Birthday Girl has released a new single, Theresa.

The synth-driven track was inspired by Milan Kundera’s classic novel The Unbearable Lightness Of Being and is the perfect soundtrack for any movie moment in your life. It was mixed by JOON and HeartsBeatingInTime and just oozes ethereal vibes.

8. Music Boy – Smile 

Local musician, Isaac Camilleri Liberto, better known as Music Boy has released his latest single – an EDM track titled SMILE.

The fresh track carries all the summer vibes with its gradual piano build-up and booming chorus reminiscent of hot Maltese nights out.

9. The Tailors ft. PT etc. – Same Shoes, Different Day

Local funk bank The Tailors has us grooving to their latest track –  Same Shoes, Different Day…

…except for this time, they have us putting our dancing shoes on.

The track’s forte is its groovy baselines, cool vocals and brass background, lending it to a contemporary funk feel.

Same Shoes, Different Day was composed by Luke Baldacchino, Karl Galea & Paul Torpiano and was mixed and mastered by David Vella.

10. Caro – MURDER ME

Maltese rapper Caro continues to churn out tracks this year, drawing inspiration from a place of emotion.

MURDER ME explores a turbulent love interest with just two minutes of Caro wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

11. Alien Grace – Chains

Alien Grace, a band composed of members from Bulgaria, Malta, Lithuania, Scandinavia, and Bolivia, has released a new prog track titled Chains.

The track starts off ethereal before gradually developing into progressive rock with a punchy ending. Chains is the product of a number of talented musicians coming together with multiple vocals time signature changes and solos – perfect the musically-inclined listeners out there.

12. Stefan Varga – Kill Me With Silence

Malta-based Slovak artist Stefan Varga released his third studio track, Kill Me With Silence, written, composed and produced by Toby Farrugia.

Kill Me With Silence is a trance track. Although rhythmically upbeat, the song portrays the frustration one feels within and the process of finding strength within.

13. Skald – Il-Pjazza l-Kbira

Maltese folk band Skald has released its another session, this time translating and interpreting Lucio Dalla’s song, Piazza Grande.

The session is based on Maltese folk music, Ghana, blending together Maltese tradition with contemporary music.

14. Tact – Tremolando

Local instrumental band Tact has released its latest track from a trilogy of live recording shot at the church of St Ubaldesca in Paola.

Tremolando is an emotional journey between piano, drums, guitar and bass, weaving in and out for a seven-minute ensemble.

The song is accompanied by a music video of the Tact performing at St Ubaldesca with a light show guiding filling the peripherals of the church.

Tact is Franco Tartaglia, Charles Cassar,Carl Matthew Camilleri and Paul Torpiano.

15. Dylan De Bono – Feeling Sh** Right Now

Dylan De Bono has aking his solo debut on the local scene with his latest track, Feeling Sh**Right Now.

The pop track is just the first of a concept album Dylan plans to release with all music and videos linked to one another.

Feeling Sh** Right Now was written by both Dylan and David Vella from Temple Studios.

16. Jillian Jade – Queens

Maltese singer and songwriter Jillian Jade has released a pop track dedicated to empowering women and girls.

Queens is accompanied by a wholesome video of women thriving in all society, from mothers to friends.

17. Radju Ħaj: Diski Tar-Rebħa

As soon as lockdown 2.0 was announced, Radju Ħaj swept in to save the day with this mega mix and mashup of DJ sets.

Diski Tar-Rebħa brings together a collection of our favourite records to help celebrate these unusual times, all in the group’s characteristically cheeky satirical tone.

18. Leonardo Barilaro – World Piano Day 2021

Pianist and aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro celebrated World Piano Day with a 30-minute tribute medley including pieces from Bach and Beethoven.

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