LISTEN: Spanish Techno DJ Might Need To Learn Maltese Before Using That Sample

Does he even know what these people are saying?

Sampling foreign languages is a classic way of getting interesting and beautiful sounds easily. Sampling Indian languages, African languages, and of course, the English language, is standard procedure for many electronic producers and can add some incredible layers to a track.

But Oscar Mulero, a Spanish techno DJ, might have gone one sample too far, after the Maltese techno community heard something a little bit off in his recently released 'Return To Ash' .

Around the 1:44 minute mark of the song, a Maltese woman randomly and NSFW-ly says "Għandha tifla handicapped... jisimha Josephine." 

The conversation goes on with someone saying "Għada ma saħnitx" until it ends with a man, in typical Maltese fashion, saying "orajt, orajt" until the song fades away.

"I was just casually going about some of the new tracks that popped up on Youtube and came across Mulero's track on the Semantica LP," says Tina Camilleri, the Maltese woman who posted the track.

"I noticed the sample towards the end of that track, and thought it was rather unusual come to think about it. I asked a producer friend of mine and we're guessing he sampled the language when here for DJing at an event," she said.

Maybe next time Oscar should run the samples by some local Maltese-speaking friends before using them - unless the friends are named Josephine, of course.

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