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Malta’s Pop Princess Is All Grown Up With Toxic Relationship-Themed Track

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From child prodigy to teenage trailblazer, Gaia Cauchi is all grown up in her latest track and it’s all about a toxic relationship and a significant other that she isn’t quite over yet.

The young popstar is not so young anymore with Gaia delving into the toxicity of a teenage relationship that empowered her to release her latest track, “Over You”.

Just like a breakup brings about change, Gaia too has transformed her sound and look – one defined by maturity and which has manifested in her music from the choice of contemporary beats and bars to the more emotional and thought-provoking vocal lines.

Credit has to be given to the team behind the track made up of lyricists Muxu and Gaia, composer Matteo Depares and producer Cyprian Cassar for this.

As Gaia continues to grow, so does her music too. Over You isn’t as simple as it may seem and a closer look at the lyrics indicate that there is more than one layer to this track. 


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“The title of the song gives you the impression that the song is about me being over that person.”

“In reality the song is about how, even though that person put me through so much stuff and changed me as a person, I still don’t know how to get over him,” she told Lovin Malta.


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Drawing from her own experiences, Gaia admits that she became numb to the wrongdoings of the other person in her toxic relationship and what it did to her as a person.

“Although I want to get over him, I’m so used to all the wrong that it had become the norm for me,” she said.

Yet, instead of mulling over the past, the starlet has challenged it into the emotional track and that’s something a lot of us can relate to.

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