WATCH: Superstar Giorgia Borg Is Golden Buzzered Straight To The Britain's Got Talent Live Semi-Finals

This 11-year-old just made us all very proud

The latest Maltese star to make waves on UK television show 'Britain's Got Talent', 11-year-old Giorgia Borg, has just gone and shown everyone what a force she truly is. During her initial audition, aired on TV tonight, she impressed the judges that she got Alesha Dixon to press their golden buzzer.

This means that Giorgia is automatically granted a place on the BGT live semi-finals this May, and gets to skip all the tough and gruelling competition-y bits

We first heard that Giorgia would be competing on BGT back in January, following in the footsteps of local stars like Destiny and Amy Marie Borg.

Singing an original song, that she wrote with Maltese singer/songwriter Muxu and was composed by Gillian Attard, Giorgia took to the stage and gave everyone a lesson on confidence. Belting out notes and looking like she was making zero effort, with a voice that you would definitely not expect to come out of an 11-year-old girl.

She killed it.

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She killed it so hard that she got one out of five Golden Buzzer presses available this season.

Giorgia now joins the other Golden Buzzer acts on this season of BGT, which include an adorable school choir, a stand-up comedian, and this guy;

And now there's only one more judge who has to make their Buzzer choice choice. But this is a pretty big deal, because it means Giorgia was so impressive that Alesha felt she deserved to her Buzzer.

Giorgia had already made a bit of a name for herself in Malta after competing in last year's Malta Junior Eurovision, placing third with her song '10'.

The live semi-finals will air on ITV later in May, so we'll have to wait til then to see how far Giorgia makes it, but in the meantime we wish her all the best!

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