These Are The Top Maltese Songs And Artists According To 2018's Most Popular Personalities

Viva Malta

Maltese Artists Fave 2018

Music brings people from different walks of life together - and it's no different in Malta.

We asked some of Malta's biggest personalities what Maltese musicians and songs they listened to and loved in 2018, and the answers crossed all political and social lines - as well as showed which Maltese artists had a really good year.

The Travellers

Chris Fearne, Ben Camille, Eve Borg Bonello, Roberta Metsola, Gaia Cauchi, Michela Pace, Ian Borg

Chris Fearne: "The Travellers have done something special to music sung in our language. Their sound and lyrics make their music hauntingly cutting edge and confidently global."

Eve Borg Bonello: "Refuġjati was an incredible song."

Roberta Metsola: Tpenġijiet

Ian Borg: Iljuni tas-Silġ

The New Victorians

Ira Losco and Jo Caruana and Sarah Zerafa

Ira: "Those girls are incredible!"

Jo: "The New Victorian’s Me & You – which was inspired by the story of one of my best friends and favourite people, Maxine Aquilina. Love it!"

Sarah Zerafa: The New Victorians - Lie Liar

Bahjat - Do You Remember Me?

Valentina Rossi


Red Electrick

Eve Borg Bonello and Sarah Zerafa



"They definitely deserve a shout out. They just started out this year too."

Luke Chappell

Maxine Pace and Eve Borg Bonello

Emma Muscat

Adrian Delia and Rosianne Cutajar

Ira Losco

Roberta Metsola and Michela Pace

Sarah Bonnici

David Casa

"Specifically her song Il-Pinna, which won this year’s annual Independence Day Song Festival with her tribute to free press."

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Joseph Muscat

"They deserve a big round of applause, especially following their international tour."

Tifkiriet by Amber & Mary Rose Mallia

Miriam Dalli

The Busker

Chris Cardona and Cyrus Engerer

Cyrus: "I love Red Electrick and Mikaela but I think, my favourite discovery this year is The Busker. I really enjoyed listening to the sounds of their new album Ladies and Gentlemen – I get the feeling that they manage to do a lot with little resources. They also sure know how to entertain a crowd!"


Alex Alden

"The music video for 'Candy' the music video is spectacular too!"

Joseph Calleja

Francis Zammit Dimech

"My favourite Maltese artist remains Joseph Calleja. I have followed his concerts in Malta over the years and from time to time had the privilege to follow him abroad and feel proud to be Maltese as he receives one warm applause after another by the most discerning of audiences. I have already booked for his August 2019 Concert when he will be performing together with Andrea Bocelli. In the meantime I highly recommend his new CD interpreting Arias by Verdi."

Airport Impressions

Simon Schembri

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